Data Recovery Miami

Data Recovery Miami


The innovations of the technologies today are growing faster. With these many companies promising
good service but eventually, do not meet the needs for every issue. Our company focuses on the service
of wholesale computers and technology. Also, we provide forensic and standard data recovery services
all over Miami.

Our Services

Moreover, our service also includes:

Manage Anti-virus, Managed Patch Management, Managed Online
Data Backup, Web Protection, Mobile Device Management, and Sensitive Data Scanning.

understand how stressful possible data loss can be, that’s why we have the expertise to recover your lost

Professional Team

Importantly, the service we render to our customer is 100% of our ability. Our team composed of
competitive, outstanding, reliable engineers and technicians that are capable of solving all kinds of
problems in computers.

The objectives

Data Recovery Guide’s objective is to serve the community on the whole Miami with integrity and
honesty. For decades in this industry, we keep on believing that meeting every need of the customer in
as quick as possible build a stable relationship.

Our Office

Our location is very accessible in every way that is easy to locate. We have a clean room for every
concern such as for data recovery. Our company offers a free complete evaluation for every problem.
Once we know the cause we will provide a firm and fair price based on the device and failure.

For more information please call us at and we will accommodate you according to your needs. Visit us
today now.

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Wholesale Data Recovery done on Premise with NO Evaluation Charge. In-House Clean Environment

HDD Data Recovery
All Solid State & Hard Drives
All Makes & Models
Laptops, Desktops, Servers
Operating Systems Supported: WIndows, Linux, Mac, Sun, SCO, Novell
RAIS, NAS, SAN Recovery Specialist

When your hard drive, RAID, or NAS device, crashes leaving you without access to your files, you need a data recovery service you can trust. We are an experienced computer and data recovery team with decades of experience in the field.

Ginno: 25 Years of Experience. Preston: 30 Years of Experience. Tom: 30 Years of Experience. Michael: 25 Years of Experience. Matt: 15 Years of Experience.

Once we complete the evaluation, we will provide you with a firm and fair price based on the device and failure

Wholesale Computers and Technology Data Recovery Specialist


If you need to start a Forensic or Standard Data Recovery Process, please click here or call us at


We understand that your business can not afford downtime, so we provide the fastest service possible

Logical and/or Physical Failures
Accidental Deletion Recovery
Format or FDISK
Corrupted File Systems
Boot Volume Errors
FAT, MFR Failures
Fire Damage
Water Damage
Employee Saborage
Viruses, Malware
PCB Failure
Controller Failure
Recovery For All Storage Devices: Hard Drive, SSD,  Server,  RAID,  Virtual,  Cloud,  Mobile,  Tape, NAS, SAN, DAS,  Laptop,  Desktop,  Apple.

Data Recovery Services
If you need help with a hard drive or RAID system failure contact The Data Recovery Guide at


. We have decades of combined experience in recovering data from hard drives -or other devices- We have the expertise to recover your lost files.

We know how stressful potential data loss can be, that’s why your quick turnaround is our top priority.

Hard Drives Recovery Miami

Miami Data Recovery

Data Recovery Miami

If you need to start a recovery process, please click here or call us at


We service businesses all over Florida including hard drive crashes and/or corruption from all operating systems -Mac, Windows, and Linux-

Data Recovery Miami

Deleted files? Crashed hard drive? We have a clean room to recover hard drives with severe physical damage. RAID recovery specialists.

From consumer to complex servers, there is nothing we can’t handle.
If you need to start a Recovery Process, please click here

Hard Drive, SSD,  Server,  RAID,  Virtual,  Cloud,  Mobile,  Tape, NAS, SAN, DAS,  Laptop,  Desktop,  Apple

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Data Recovery Miami

Single Hard DriveFlash/SSDRAID





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