Data Recovery Guide 101: How Do Date Recovery Services Work?

Almost everyone knows the term data recovery but is it the same when it comes to understanding how do data recovery services work? With technological development, everything seems to advance rapidly to the point of having too much information a person needs to digest in their minds. It is even understandable to feel confused and hesitant in trusting certain service companies due to having a lot of choices to choose from. And the competition often time appears to be quite intense!

Among the various priorities a man has in life, securing important documents and other data are included in the top of the list. Regardless of age and social status, data loss is a concern for every person across the globe. Whether it is about documents used for school or work, personal data such as pictures, videos, and even music files, keeping them safe is considered to be one of the utmost priorities.

Big or small businesses and even individual nowadays depend too much on using the computer and smartphones. Thousands of data are created, used and transferred daily. At some point, we all have dealt with data loss. It’s a huge problem and undeniably causes major stress to us.

There are so many factors that may cause data loss. Things you might think to be just little action can actually lead to the aggravating situation of losing your precious data.

The main culprit varies depending on the action that triggered the data loss. It could be due to hard drive failure, data corruption or human action such as accidental deletion of the files. However, there is a cure that can help you retrieve the missing or corrupted data. All you need is to find someone you can trust with the data recovery process.


What is Data Recovery and How Does it Work?

There are many Data Recovery Companies who offer you countless promises of successful retrieval of your precious data. However, it is important to also have a clear understanding of it and the process involved in order to actually find the difference between the companies providing the same service. Why so? Simply because not all can deliver the same quality of data recovery service!

Generally, Data Recovery Service is about utilizing strategically-designed solutions that has a purpose of successfully retrieving data – whether it is lost, accidentally deleted, corrupted or had been inflicted with system failure. Though this is not limited to fetching your lost documents, photos or music files you’ve saved in your computer’s document folder or at your smartphone’s memory cards. This service also involves recovering your data from hard drive failure, hacking, dealing software bugs and even the simple power failure. It can also solve extreme problems such as retrieving data from hard drives that are completely destroyed in physical form. The Data Recovery Specialists will surely secure them back for you regardless of the type of storage device!

Technically, data are still saved inside your hard drive and all it needs is to undergo a particular process that can effectively perform the data recovery wherein any lost data that are salvaged and repaired back into the system or storage device (hard drive, solid-state drive, RAID, memory cards, or even USB stick).

With the advancement of technology, the methods are also leveled-up depending on the data retrieval needs. However, most of the common data recovery methods used to recover data depend on how the data was lost on the drive. Let’s take a look at some of those and how do data recovery service work on these data loss issues.


Deleted File

If a file has been deleted, it will still be in the storage unless it is overwritten by another file. It

 means that if you act right away, you have a better chance of retrieving your file back. You can try using free and downloaded file recovery software like TestDisk, Disk Drill, Recuva and EaseUs Data Reco

very Wizard. But still, it is best to seek professional assistance in order to guarantee safe and successful retrieval of your data. When you send your hard drive to the data recovery service provider, you have to mention that you accidentally deleted the file and whether you cannot locate it anywhere anymore. The data service provider will then check and evaluates your drive to see its condition and to start the data recovery process immediately.


Corrupted File

If you come across the dreaded “corrupted hard drive” errors, you know it is a more complex data loss situation. It is more disheartening too. However, data loss from a corrupted hard drive still has the chance to be recovered. Try to attach the hard drive to another computer, you might find that only the operating system has been corrupted –  in this case, just copy all the files to another hard drive.

Another problem would be is if the hard drive has more serious damage. Call the nearest data recovery service company near you. Have your hard drive sent to their clean rooms to be checked. Data recovery technicians have the advanced data recovery software and are skillful in determining the damage parts of your hard drive. It may take some time for them to recover it but there is a high chance of getting your data back.


File System Format or Damage

Formatting a file system is a bit similar to deleting a file. Formatting destroys the previous files and structure of the disk. If you are not too familiar with formatting and you have just decided to think it would clean up your drive, it is not advisable to experiment. Hard drives and storage media are quite complicated though it may not seem. If you are taking care of important documents and files, always be cautious of the actions you want to do with your hard drives and computer. When you are in the middle of this data loss problem, seek professional help from a data recovery service company.

Data recovery technician knows best how to handle data loss and would prevent further damage to your storage. There are proper facilities where it should undergo the data recovery process. In no time, you will have your important files again.


The End of Data Loss Dilemma

Data loss can truly be considered inevitable circumstances. But never lose hope because whatever it may have caused it, there will always be a solution!

Data recovery service providers are dedicated professionals to help you get back your data in the earliest time possible. The technicians are well-equipped with skills and advanced software tools that will effectively deliver excellent solutions. It is a certified professional service focused in retrieving back your data.

That is why, when seeking the right person to call, make sure to look for the REAL Data Recovery Experts! The process should promote guaranteed 100% data recovery as well as data protection. Don’t be persuaded by cheap service rates even though you can only get second-rate service. The true data specialist understands your needs and what you want so you will surely get to find affordable rates but of high-quality service!

Another thing you must consider before hiring a data recovery company, they should have facility rooms where the hard drives are sent for evaluation and recovery process. The clean rooms comply with high-standard operations and systems as well as confidentiality and cleanliness. So when in need of data recovery service you can trust, look no further than The Data Recovery Guide!

As what our name suggests, we’ll guide you throughout the process of Data Recovery. We got the best solutions, a team of data recovery specialists and a top-notch facility that guarantee successful retrieval of your data. Servicing areas at Atlanta, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, Denver Houston, Boca Raton, New York, and many other locations across the globe – we are the #1 Data Recovery Service Company!


Get to know more of what we can do for you at our Service page and see how we dedicatedly value our customers at our Testimonials page. Visit our office nearest you or contact us today!

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EaseUs Data Recovery: Retrieving your Lost Data with Ease!

Are you tired of always looking for ways on how to effectively recovery your lost data? There are so various circumstances that may lead you to such an upsetting situation.

It is very crucial to securely keep your documents and other files but unfortunately, bad things happen. Whether you have been careful there could be potential chances of accidental deletion, software bugs or virus and even the simple power failure can affect the protection you’ve earnestly set in your computer, laptops or other storage devices.

So if you are one of the people who keep on wrinkling your forehead with worry lines and seem to be calling almost every data recovery company near you, then 

let us show an easy yet powerfully effective way to bring back what has been lost!

Instinctively, when you are in this kind of situation, you type-in every keyword you can think of which may lead you to the result list of data recovery companies. Searching the internet is initially thought to be the easiest way to find the solution to your problem. Whether it is an important file for work or personal data, your mind can’t be settled in peace. But want to hear the good news?

You don’t have to suffer that hard with your search. Just like 

any other concern, there are actually “do-it-yourself” tips and ways a person can try on their own. Even though you don’t have much of IT knowledge like the ones who are actually pro in the field, as long as you have the basic understanding on how data saving works and the general process of retrieving data, you can possibly have a shot on this.

Various tools and software are promoted and introduced to be of assistance to people like you. No need to spend a whole day of searching on Google because with the help of Data Recovery Software like EaseUs, retrieving your lost data can potentially be easy. All you have to do is learn how to use EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard tool, download the software and follow the instructions needed.

What is EaseUs?

Just like any other data recovery tool, EaseUS is specialized software designed to recover inaccessible data from Windows PC, laptop, hard drive, SSD, memory card, USB drive, SD card and even from digital cameras along with multimedia player devices. It is strategically crafted to easily perform data recovery process, without the need for overly complicated instructions so you can confidently run the tool by yourself.

If you need to urgently restore your data, EaseUS is a reliable data recovery software partner you can turn to. With its simple steps, you can recover your files from any circumstances. Among other data recovery tools, it is considered to be the easiest one as it is also readily available for download. Though you can initially get a trial version, the prices for the complete version of the software are reasonable and definitely worth it! For years, exactly 14 years in the industry, EaseUs has gained the reputation of being the most Trusted Data Recovery Brand compared to other software.  

How to Use EaseUs Data Recovery

Ever think of using this software but scared to give it a try? It takes a thorough reading, understanding and trying but you can definitely run it by yourself.

Or if not, you can ask a technician to perform it for you. Nevertheless, it doesn’t deny the power and effectiveness of it as a data recovery tool. Here is a quick tutorial on how you can use EaseUs. You don’t need to have a special degree in IT to perform the data retrieval process.

Step 1: Install EaseUS to your device.

EaseUS has several options for devices you wish to install your software with. Select and install it to your device.



Step 2: Select a location to Start Finding Data

Launch your EaseUS data recovery software and select a location where you can possibly find your lost data. The software will then scan the location.


Step 3: Scan your Computer or Device

A quick initial scan will be conduct by EaseUS data recovery software. It will list all files in the selected location that were simply delete or emptied from the Recycle Bin. Another scan will be conducted again automatically. This time it requires a longer time. The scan will try to find more lost files by searching the entire area of your storage device.


Step 4: Preview and Recover Lost Files

One good attribute of EaseUS data recovery is that it allows you to preview all recoverable files following a scan. You may filter the files by category too. Select the all the files and you wish to recover, press the ‘Recover’ button to get your data back immediately and save it in your desired new storage location.

Note: DO NOT save the files again to the same hard drive or external device partition where you lost your data from.)



Data Recovery Guide and EaseUs Software

The Data Recovery Guide is using this convenient and excellent data recovery software too. We have retrieved numerous data using its simple steps. It is proven and tested that is why we highly recommend it. As a leading data recovery service provider, we only use the best data recovery services and EaseUs impressed us. It is easy to use, has an affordable price and can really retrieve the data as if it hasn’t been lost.

Without a doubt, EaseUS is a good quick solution for data loss but once you know that it is not a simple data loss case anymore, give us a call or drop your devices to our facilities so we can give you the best solution straight away.  We are meticulous in everything that we do because we know how valuable your data is. Servicing for almost every area across the globe, we have been dedicate to providing effective data recovery solutions. Why settle for less when you can have the best? You can check our Service page to know more of what we can do for you.

We offer affordable data recovery prices. Get your data back and be stress-free with the data recovery process through Data Recovery Guide. Contact us today!

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How To Treat Your Loss With Effective External Hard Drive Recovery Tips

External Hard Drive Recovery Tips

Treat Your Loss With Effective External Hard Drive Recovery Tips

How many times have you felt disappointment and grieving pain over your lost files? We know how upsetting it is to suddenly realize that your most important documents and even your most treasured personal files are corrupted. There are times that we thought it’s a lost cause its impossible that we can retrieve after virus damage. However, with today’s technology and of course with a truly advance and REAL data recovery guide by your side, you can have your data back!

Many people thought IT guy can retrieve files you have lost and the ones that are unfortunately damaged or corrupted. However, not everyone can truly perform good quality data recovery as the process vary depending on the knowledge and skill. So technically, you would have to seek the one that are truly professionals with authentic data recovery expertise. Particularly when it is about hard drive failure, you want to put your trust in the right and best choice!

Powerful Tips that Guarantees Successful External Hard Drive Recovery Service

Just like any other parts of the computer or laptop, hard drive can also inevitably experience a sudden failure. It isn’t just about your internal hard drive but same goes for your external hard drives! It isn’t indestructible but actually it is susceptible to internal damage and countless issues of failure. So understanding the backing up of an external hard drive can be a help to the retrieval process and recovery! Here are some of the tips we would like to share from you on how the #1 Data Recovery Guide expertly secure and recover data from your damaged external hard drive.

Ways To Secure and Recover Data:

  • A simple and careless topple over can cause further damage on your external drive that is why, make sure to use the option “Safe Remove Hardware”. Ensuring that you care for your external drives or USB means you are not taking this type of trivial action lightly.
  • Avoid placing it near any sorts of liquids that might damage it. Keep it away from magnetic objects as well and more importantly never place it where it often vibrates. You have to make sure that the hard drive is getting sufficient air flow.  Check for the ideal area wherein that particular position doesn’t disturb or disrupt the proper position of the USB connector.
  • If you are wondering if your data is encrypted on your external hard drive, then rely on your trusted data recovery professionals. Never do things by yourself, thinking that you can easily dissect any part and miraculously fix it in a day. There are certain tools and software that only professional and REAL Data Recovery experts utilize in regard to decrypting the data. Only the specialist can determine the actual reasons of the data corruption and external hard drive failure. When choosing the best way to back-up your important files and finding effective ways to secure your external hard drive. Then let The Data Recovery Guide show you how it is done!
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PC Data Recovery

PC Data Recovery

Usually, hard drive crashes never happens at convenient times. It occurs during those last-minute, late-night preparation session for an important meeting or presentation. When panic sets in people tend to fix the problem by themselves. It is common now Do-it-Yourself (DIY) retrieval of data as businesses and individuals are more reliant on data than ever. However, retrieval of data using DIY can lead to a more significant problem and may even make a potential recovery impossible.

Most of the people with this kind of problem they turn to the internet for DIY retrieval tips. Unfortunately, every site lists tips may completely incorrect and can cause significant additional data to your computer and hard drive.

Here are the top 5 very common mistakes in data recovery attempts:

In an unclean room, you open the hard drive 

Banging, hitting or knocking the drive.

Initiating a system restore or terminating the drive.

Downloading software from the internet that promise to recover your data.

Let friends or colleagues investigate.

Doing the DIY attempts to recover the data should really be avoided. Fewer people understand that at attempts as simple as opening our computer could ruin any changes of retrieval. A clean room must be monitored down to the micron air-borne particle. It is better to leave to the professional like Fort Lauderdale Data Recovery to attempts to reformat or add new software. Fort Lauderdale Data Recovery shares that sense of urgency when your data is lost and you need to back it now. 

How a PC Data Recovery specialist safeguards your data

Qualified Fort Lauderdale Data Recovery specialist performed every process and procedure in-house and onsite. They have the ability to safely open your drive in a clean room environment in order to give you an accurate assessment of your drive.

The company the offer the best data recovery companies will provide a level of service and reliability you can count on. For a free evaluation, data recovery Fort Lauderdale will give you the up-front advantage and confidence in trusting Fort Lauderdale Data Recovery. To successfully recover your data each and every time.

Advance Data Recovery Technology

Fort Lauderdale Data Recovery specialist has the ability to connect it to a computer. They see if the computer will recognize the drive in order to do a software level recovery. The specialist with many years of experience, we are the name you can trust with the most difficult data recovery cases.

Fort Lauderdale Data Recovery has the latest disk recovery technology, and a team of world-class engineers familiar with all configurations. As well as, servers, hard disk drives, and any USB Flash removable media.

With cutting-edge training and years of experience, our engineers are expert in recovering lost documents and files due to unforeseen events. Such as power outages, window updates, physical damage, drive and system failures.


In essence, the hard drive is a sensitive equipment that only professional and knowledgeable person can able to fix. There is data recovery company offer an affordable price for every case such as Fort Lauderdale Date Recovery.

To have our service do not hesitate to call us or visit our website for more information. 

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Top 3 Factors A Real Hard Drive Recovery Service Recovers For You!

hard drive recovery service

What do you do when there’s a message flashing right before you saying “Imminent Hard Disk Failure”? This is common when your computer suddenly gets a black screen and won’t turn right back on. The root of such dilemma, more often than not, is your hard drive.

Undeniably, the hard drive is very important when it comes to storing software and data files since the early days. The main purpose of this device is to ensure safekeeping and store all the software installed in a computer or laptop along with.

The data you’ve downloaded (like apps including music files) and the ones you’ve created or personally saved such as documents, videos and photos. That is why, when your hard drive suddenly crashed, it will bring frustrating result of losing your files.  

You won’t need any technical ability or special knowledge to delete documents because losing a file is quite easy and can happen any time. However, undeleting them or getting back your files is difficult. That is why for those who find themselves in this sticky and aggravating situation,.

Seeking for a software tool that can provide you FAST and EASY hard drive recovery service is the perfect solution (and #1 required factor) to help you get out of the pinch!

    What Affects Hard Drive Recovery

Everyone knows that there is a possibility of retrieving your files back. However, chances of recovery depend on certain factors that are actually quite influential and vital in regards to the success of the process. That is why, most people tend to strive to care for their hard drives but it is unquestioned fact. That it could still fail and malfunction anytime. Well, it won’t be too difficult if you know the elements you have to give proper attention thus aiding you with the hard drive recovery procedure.

 1. Actual Size or Capacity of the Hard Drive (Including the Model Number).

Logically, the storage capacity of your hard drive is very important and considered to be one of the significant parameters. That affect not just the hard drive performance but the actual hard drive recovery. Generally, the bigger the size the more time the recovery takes. Similarly, the hard drive model also affects the retrieval process of the files. The repair tools also vary so the process as well as the result relates to the hard drive recovery service or professionals you’ve put your trust with.   

 2. File Types and Cache.

We save various files in which actually makes the types and sizes of the files affect the recovery process. Some files may even demand more time and require complicated process to read past. The damaged or malfunctioned hard drive system in order to precisely retrieve the data you’ve lost. Same goes for the cache which is virtually a hard drive’s memory chip. As we access data, it can interchangeably be saved between drive and the actual cache memory thus influencing the data recovery transmission.

 3. Transfer Rate and Operating Environment.

Technically, the transfer rate pertains to the data speed of the hard drive. The performance of a hard drive reflects on the internal transfer rate and the external transfer rate which suggests. That data transfer along with the influence of the interface type can affect the way you can possibly get back your lost or corrupted files. You should also take into consideration the operating environment as certain places can specifically affect your hard drive; for example, placing your hard drive in a hot area that may result to poor operating condition.


Aside from these top 3 elements, you must also pay proper attention on your later actions once your hard drive is damaged. Why? It is simply because a user’s way of handling things can greatly affect the recovery process. How so? For example, when you realized that your hard drive malfunctioned.

NEVER proceed on working certain operations or perhaps installing any software.

As it may further damage not just the system but can thoroughly give you a zero chance in hard drive recovery. You also have to weigh particular concerns involving time like. How long has your hard drive been damaged because hard drive has their own lifespan. However, please do keep in mind one important reminder – NEVER attempt a DIY recovery. What you need is to find the REAL Data Recovery Experts who can provide guaranteed 100% successful hard drive recovery service!

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Finding the One Who Delivers Successful Data Recovery (with Free Evaluations!)

Free Evaluations

There are so many data recovery companies that offer the same promise which is “successful data recovery service” but not all are actually the expert who delivers.

Most of the time, people are inclined to believe that they can find solutions based on various advertisements and even results they’ve got from their Google search. Though we don’t have nothing against advertisements and Google search results, there is a downside in being too hasty when it comes to making a decision of hiring a data recovery service.

    How could we say so?

The first factor is about having little information of the said service or Data Recovery Company. Another factor that could potential push you to make a mistake when choosing a data recovery service is having the misconception in regards to workmanship.

Some people may recommend you a company with overly-priced service rates while thinking that it is natural since you’ll get the best service after all. However, at the end of the day you only get unsatisfactory results. Not just you’ve wasted your time and money but more importantly, it doesn’t deserve your trust.

So in order to prevent yourself from making the same mistake again of choosing the wrong service.
Let us be your data recovery guide and get to know the qualities a real data recovery expert possess!

  What are the Qualities of the Expert?

Tired of experiencing second-rate data recovery service? What you need is to seek the true data recovery professionals that are top effective specialists who utilize technology-advanced recovery processes capable enough to retrieve your data – may it be lost, damaged or corrupted!

But with the countless number of companies who claims to be the best in recovering your data and retrieving it back the way they are, it is easy to be overwhelmed and confused. But by simply referring on these 5 qualities as your ultimate guide, you can narrow down your search and determine the real one among the frauds.

    1.  The BEST in ALL Data Loss Situation.

There are many data loss scenarios so it is expected from Data Recovery experts to be able to provide solutions that accurately effective no matter what problem you’ve might encounter. Common data recovery problems are accidental quick format or deletion of files.

Risks of virus attack which leads to damaged or corrupted files along with the possibility of OS crash.

One will definitely need a thorough evaluation of RAW file system and even cases of partition loss. And even it might be a cause of human error, a true data recovery specialist is able to breakthrough any challenge of retrieving the data regardless of the storage device.

    2.  Promotes Flexible and Precise Data Recovery Solutions. 

It is also important to know that in congruent to the first quality, not all IT professionals can simply mimic the exceptional skill of a true data recovery expert in terms of flexibility and precise solutions that provides unparalleled workmanship.

     3.  Understands your Needs and Wants (including the Economical aspect!) 

Don’t settle for any random data recovery service just because they are convenient to your place. Find the one who honestly care for your needs and of course, has the ability to deliver guaranteed satisfactory results in affordable rates!.

A lot of people think that it is easy to retrieve loss data; in which they’ll simply go for a quick scan process. But it is not true. Also, be meticulous when deciding to grab any opportunity that offers free evaluation yet you’ll realize that it is a second-rate quality service. Be wary of phony service that only wishes to rip you off.

    4. Proven Reliable and Secured. 

Just as how customers and clients get to testify the reliability and security . Seek the assistance of the REAL Data Recovery Service who restore your files and your life back the way it was.

Time to end your worries by getting the assurance on accurate recovery results that also promises confidentiality! Any recoverable files are safely keep only for you and no one else.

    5.  A True Data Recovery Guide! (With Free Evaluation that Guarantees Successful Results!)

You can finally give yourself a congratulatory pat on the back. Why so? Because you’ve found the one who’ll sincerely guide you through in overcoming the upsetting feeling of losing your data! Take advantage of the chance to experience the true data recover service!.

Compared to others, as we offer free evaluation you can expect us to take effective action and deliver a guaranteed successful result in getting back the data you’ve lost!

So why let yourself be left out in experiencing the best data recovery service? Contact us today or send a query via our email address and we’ll be happy to talk to you!

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Is it possible to recover your data from your old HDD?

Recover your data from your old HDD

Recover your data from your old HDD

Computers can store huge amount of data. These data are stored within the Hard disk drive or so-called HDD. But what if your computer suddenly stopped working? What if you have important files stored to it? Can it be retrieved? Well, keep reading further down below to know the answer to this question.

What is HDD?

Before we proceed to the main question, first, let’s answer what is HDD? HDD or Hard disk drive is the main and the largest data storage hardware of a computer. And almost all of the essential files in a computer are stored into it including the operating system.

How to recover data from the dead laptop?

Many people ask whether they can recover their data on their old HDD. Well, computers that died due to software failure can usually be retrieved. On the contrary, computers that died due to hardware failure can also be retrieved but in a more complex technique. Here are some ways on how to recover files from a hard drive.

• Remove the hard drive – In able to recover your data and files, dismantle your old HDD by unscrewing it from the mounting brackets.

• Connect to a new system – Connect your old HDD into a new system or slot it into an additional port. In order to connect it into another computer, get a hard disk enclosure that matches your HDD type and size. Then, connect by using a USB cable to transfer the files.

• Transfer your old files – To retrieve your files, transfer it by copying the files or by making a backup file into the computer or into another external hard drive.

• Close and Eject – After completely retrieving your files, close the window to your hard drive and eject it.

Types of Data Recovery Programs

Accidentally deleted an important file? Then, worry not because there are tons of data recovery programs nowadays which can help you retrieve your lost data. Here are some free data recovery tools.

1. Recuva – Recuva is a powerful tool used for recovering data from your HDD. It offers free and pays edition which supports all Windows versions.

2. Pandora Recovery – this program is available for free as well as pay version. This program is very versatile.

3. PC Inspector File Recovery – is a freeware program great for recovering data for Windows system.

4. PC Inspector Smart Recovery – is also a free program that is focused on recovering files from external media such as SD cards and flash drives.

5. Free Undelete – is a freeware tool that can recover deleted files. This tool is simple but efficient to use.

If recovering files from broken HDD seems hard for you, just contact Fort Lauderdale data recovery. We service data recovery ft. Lauderdale. We guarantee that we are the best data recovery ft Lauderdale. We also offer other computer services aside from data recovery Fort Lauderdale. So, what are you waiting for? Contact ft Lauderdale data recovery for computer services. We will be more than glad to help you out.

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SDD vs HDD Lifespan

data recovery services Atlanta

If you are a computer geek, then you’ll surely read of SDD and HDD over the internet. But if not, then let’s discuss it. First, what is HDD? HDD is also known as Hard Disk Drive, it is a traditional storage device of the computer. It is made up of a motorized head and readable platters which is the first HDD component in the computers. On the contrary, SDD or Solid State Drives are the newer version of HDD but unlike HDD, Solid State Drivers do not contain movable parts. Instead, this device relies on flash chips. But aside from it, how are they different from one another? Well, read further below to know more.


If you are wondering how SDD and HDD vary from speed. Well, when it comes to speed performance and reliability, Solid State Drivers (SDD) got the upper hand. Why? Because just like what stated above, SDD do not have movable parts like HDD and instead it only relies on flash chips which makes it extremely fast and less volatile than Hard Disk Drives. In fact, SDD can be used for fast servers and the server’s application. In other words, you can use SDD to run database applications for fast response times. And on the opposite, Hard disk drive’s speed is capped unlike SDD because HDD is filled with moving parts.

Storage Capacity

If you are looking for a large storage device, then use HDD as a storage. Why? Because they provide better storage space than Solid State Drives. SDDs cannot store terabytes capacity of data, unlike hard disk drives. That’s why many people use external HDD as a storage device.

Gaming Experience

Everyone loves gaming, why? Because it helps in reducing our stress and good for entertainment. So, if you are wondering which is better for gaming between the two, then the answer is none other than Solid State Drives. SDD is good for gaming while HDD or Hard disk drive is good for storing a large capacity of data and good for storing backups.


Both of these two storages has its own advantage and disadvantage. And aside from all of this, the two also differ on prices. Hard disk drives are generally much cheaper than solid state drive.


Maybe you came across a solid-state drive review. And now, you are wondering and asking yourself, do I need a solid state drive? Or should I stay on the hard disk drive? Is there really any difference between the life expectancy of this two data storage devices? Well, temperature and humidity can both affect the lifespan of this two drives. That’s why the answer will likely depend on the environmental conditions of the storage devices. Both of this devices have their own flaws. For example, SDD is not suitable for extreme heat and temperature as it may result in failure of capacitors and transistors. In short, both are reliable but their life expectancy will only depend on their environment.

Generally, both devices have their ups and downs. HDD has better storage capacity while SDD is good for gaming and other applications. When choosing between the two, always remember your workload needs. If you are looking for computer parts such as SDD and HDD, just visit our website, the Date Recovery Guide. We have HDD for sale Florida and other computer parts. We provide services all over Florida.

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Signs of a Dying Hard Drive

hard drive recovery
data recovery services near me

We can never deny that computers can innovate the majority of things into our lives. Computer nowadays can store huge amount of data into a small storage device which we call, hard drive. Hard drive or also known  as Hard Disk Drive (HDD).

HDD is an electromechanical data storage that uses magnetic storage to store as well as retrieve digital information. But just like written data, hard disk drives also have limited lifetime. So, to know if your HDD is about to die, here are its signs.

Signs of dying HDD

  1.    Frequent Freezes – Frequent freezing of your computer doesn’t necessarily mean that your hard drive is dying. But if you encounter problems during fresh installations and windows safe mode, it is likely because of failing hard drive. So, you better make a backup of your important files like pictures, documents, and more.
  2.    Corrupted Data – One sign that your hard disk is dying is corrupted files though corrupted files may be due to multitude of issues. But if you find your files corrupted even though you saved it without errors, then you should get alarmed because this is a typical sign of hard disk drive failure.
  3.    Bad Sectors – What are bad sectors? There are inaccessible and unwriteable areas of hard drive which are caused by physical damage and other factors. Bad sectors are cannot be repaired and sometimes hard to identify. You can run a manual disk checking and recovery of bad sectors.
  4.    Strange Sounds – One of the most common signs of a dying HDD is strange noises coming from it. So, if you hear strange noises such as clicking, grinding, and screeching noises known as click of death. These noises shows that parts of the hardware like bearings and spindle motor are failing.
  5.    Overall Strange Behavior of the Computer – If your computer is behaving oddly, then it maybe caused by a virus or possibly your hard drive. If it is frequently crashing and showing error messages while running a software, then maybe your hard disk is at fault.

Importance of Hard Disk Drives

Hard disk drives or HDD are essential parts of the computer. Because just like memory cards and flash drives, they store important data from our computers. Moreover, A dead hard disk drive requires replacement. On the contrary, a hard drive which not yet completely dead can still recover data when used when using hard drive recovery software. But if you are not knowledgeable about hard drive recovery, then you may try reaching a data recovery company like Wholesale Computers & Technology.

Hire us

We provide data recovery services Florida as well as offers computer and computer parts. We restore hard drive at an affordable and reasonable price. So, if you want to know about our hard drive recovery cost, then contact us right away. We have wide-experience in recovering data. That’s why we assure you that we will provide the best and the fastest service you’ll ever experience.

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